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#2418 Technology Research Services
Technology / Internet
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Technology Research Services - This award-winning, technology research and consulting firm is engaged by both small and large IT/software companies that must stay relevant across many different vertical industries including the fast-evolving business intelligence (BI) and cyber-security markets. With a global client base and over 200+ active clients, this business is well diversified and offers a wide array of subscription-based and customized product areas.   By continually improving revenue per employee year-over-year, this firm is now ready for new ownership to capitalize on emerging technology trends while leveraging its well-established client relationships. As a trusted brand and with experienced secondary level management in place, this is an ideal acquisition for a strategic buyer looking to expand into the North American, European, and Asian markets. Contact Rob Amerine. BUSINESS SUMMARY

Notes of Explanation:
  1. TBS = "To Be Suggested"
  2. Seller's Adjusted Profit

The Seller's Adjusted Profit is a calculation showing the cash flow generated by the Business for the most recent tax year, unless otherwise indicated, by adding back to the net profit those costs that are discretionary to the Seller. These costs could include the owner's salary and benefits, interest paid on the seller's notes/debts that are not assumed by the buyer, non-cash expenses such as depreciation (in appropriate situations) and amortization, and certain non-recurring or unusual expenses. Details of the Adjusted Profit calculations are available in each presentation package and in our files.

"An Economic Basket"

Another way of viewing the Seller's Adjusted Profit is as the historic economic basket of benefits available to the new owner so he can:

  1. Pay himself an appropriate wage commensurate with the skill required to manage the business.
  2. Service any debt incurred to purchase the business.
  3. Receive a reasonable rate of return on the down payment invested. (The appropriate rate of return depends on market conditions and the size of the business. For smaller transactions the rate of return on investment is not usually a significant factor in the valuation.