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If you are looking to explore the aspects of selling or buying a distribution business in Colorado, the skilled team at The FBB Group will bring a high degree of expertise to the equation. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we can help you navigate the process of mergers and acquisitions for distribution businesses.

The FBB Group has represented hundreds of business transactions, connecting sellers with qualified buyers for over 39 years. Our experience allows us to help customers accomplish their goals, whether it is buying a business, selling their business, or expanding with mergers and acquisitions.

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If you or your business is thinking about selling or expanding by purchasing, contact us for a consultation. We can help answer any questions.

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Sell Your Colorado Distribution Business

No matter which niche you operate within, The FBB Group can serve as your team of intermediaries to facilitate the sale of your distribution business. It can feel daunting trying to figure out how to value and market your company, negotiate a fair price, maintain confidentiality, and continue operations. That is where The FBB Group gets involved, to advocate for you, every step of the way.

When putting your faith in The FBB Group, you can be assured we will maintain your confidentiality and minimize any disruption to your business; we’ll also work hard to ensure that you receive the best price and terms for the business you have built.

Whether you work as a perishables distributor for items like fruits and vegetables, a non-perishables distributor for items such as household goods, a wholesale products distributor working directly with retailers, or practically any other type distribution, you can rest assured knowing The FBB Group is familiar with your industry and can help you handle the sale. Some examples of distributors that we have sold include: chemicals, windows & doors, food, sunglasses, janitorial supplies, and scuba accessories.

Buying A Distribution Business in Colorado

If you are interested in purchasing a Colorado business that is already established and profitable, the distribution industry is an excellent avenue to explore.

Some of the specific businesses we have for sale include those in the construction distribution and wholesale distribution spaces. Give us a call to better discuss current market conditions and learn about the opportunities we have available.

The buying process can be complex and we can walk you through that process and make introductions to appropriate advisors such as accountants, attorneys, and lenders.

Ready To Sell Or Buy Your Distribution Business?

Distribution can be a very profitable industry. We help position companies that are ready to sell, as well as match businesses with buyers looking to acquire and grow an existing business. If you are ready to sell or buy a distribution business in Colorado contact The FBB Group, Ltd. at 800-395-7653 today! You can also email us at