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Selling or Buying Aerospace & Defense Companies

Selling or Buying AEROSPACE & DEFENSE Businesses


Aerospace & defense companies provide advanced technologies in national defense, global positioning systems (GPS), cybersecurity, and satellite communications. In addition, manufacturers also develop spacecraft, aircraft, weapons or maintenance tools as part of the aerospace & defense industry.

Colorado hosts several military installations in the state, five in Colorado Springs alone. So it’s no surprise that Colorado is also the home to many aerospace & defense businesses. Well established companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and hundreds of other A&D businesses reside in Colorado. With the robust Aerospace & Defense(A&D) industry in Colorado, it can provide unique opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. 

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If you or your business is thinking about selling or expanding by purchasing, contact us for a consultation. We can help answer any questions.


Have you decided to sell your aerospace or defense business? Our intermediaries look forward to assisting you in this endeavor. Together we have over 70 years of experience bringing business owners together with qualified investors and buyers. We can help guide you in the extensive process and answer the questions you have in getting started in the selling process.

The FBB Group’s team of business brokers provides no-cost, confidential consultation to help you plan your path of transition when you are ready to sell your aerospace of defense business. With 1000’s of transactions in an array of industries we can complete a thorough valuation of your business, finances, staff and many other aspects as you move ahead.

Our experience has taught us that every business is unique, and we can guide you confidently in the sale of your business. We are prepared to create appropriate marketing documents, timelines and anticipation and solutions to any problems that may arise during the transaction process.

Buying Aerospace & Defense Businesses

If you are a buyer interested in the purchase of a business in the aerospace & defense(A&D) industry, our intermediaries are ready to assist you in finding the company that meets your criteria. Colorado has a robust defense and aerospace industry and this is a perfect place to start. Our knowledgeable brokers are prepared to guide you through every step of the acquisition process.

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