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The Sale of Your Business is a Process (Not an Event)

Here are the 5 Phases and how we help manage the selling process:

The Business Sale Process

Phase 1 – Planning

  • Define seller’s goals and objectives
  • Conduct preliminary due diligence and presale audit
  • Assemble advisory team (accountant, transaction attorney, broker/intermediary, financial planner)
  • Assemble data from Seller Information Checklist
  • Analyze financial statements and prepare valuation range (Opinion of Market Value)

Phase 2 – Preparing

  • Agree on range of business value and transaction structure
  • Execute engagement agreement
  • Develop timeline for the process
  • Assemble additional company information
  • Prepare comprehensive presentation package

Phase 3 – Marketing

  • Conduct market research and identify buyer prospects
  • Activate marketing plan and advertising
  • Contact target buyers
  • Maintain buyer confidentiality and financially qualify prospective buyers
  • Manage buyer inquiries and meetings

Phase 4 – Evaluating & Negotiating

  • Solicit and evaluate proposals from buyers
  • Negotiate offers (purchase agreements and/or letters of intent)
  • Select primary buyer and coordinate the detailed due diligence
  • Assist in negotiations

Phase 5 – Closing

  • Finalize buyer due diligence
  • Complete negotiations for closing documents (including purchase agreement)
  • Assist in the closing process


  • Provide post-closing assistance

(originally published in the August 2013 eNewsletter)